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Salary £143,911 per annum
Total prize money £575,644

The Mayor of London is elected by single transferable vote. A candidate who
receives over 50% of first choice votes is elected. Failing this, the top two
candidates go through to a second round.

All other candidates drop out with the second choice votes on their ballot
papers, which are cast for either of the top 2 candidates, added to those
candidates’ totals from the first round. The candidate with the highest
combined total is elected Mayor of London.

No.	 Candidate	                                      Age	 Draw	 Jockey

1	 SADIQ KHAN (364)	                                 45	 (7)	        Sadiq Khan for London

               Gr M University of North London, Law College
               - MP for Tooting

               Owner: Jeremy Corbyn,                 Colours: RED
               One Brewer’s Green                    Form: 111111-	
               Trainer: Daniel Simpson, Walthamstow
               Sponsor: Tooting

Form: Frontrunner and lead contender with three out of three wins in Tooting and before that
as LB Wandsworth councillor. Son of a bus driver, British Muslim, raised on a council estate, all
indicators show he is the one to beat. His stable need win here to set marker for closest rival.
 Star rating:

2	 ZAC GOLDSMITH (364)	                              40	 (5)	        Back Zac 2016

               Bd M Cambridge Centre for Sixth-Form Studies
               - MP for Richmond

               Owner: David Cameron,                 Colours: BLUE
               10 Downing Street                     Form: 11-	
               Trainer: Ian Sanderson, Banbury
               Sponsor: LB Richmond-upon-Thames

Form: Slow start to campaign but previous form with two wins in Richmond. A strong showing
from outer London boroughs could see him push the favourite. Breeding may hinder over this
course, with the going unfavourable and stable may struggle to find previous form.
 Star rating:

3	 CAROLINE PIDGEON (1463)	                          43	 (9)	        Caroline Can

               Br F University of Wales, Aberystwyth - GLA member

               Owner: Tim Farron,                    Colours: YELLOW
               8–10 Great George Street              Form: 111121-
               Trainer: Simon Drage, Streatham
               Sponsor: LB Southwark

Form: Experienced GLA member, winning twice in the Greater London Assembly Party Listed
Stakes. Stable out of form and is likely to struggle against the lead contenders. Campaign for
third term as GLA list member a more likely test.                      Star rating:

4	 SIAN BERRY (714)	                                 41	 (1)	        The Power of Good Ideas

               Bd F Trinity College, Oxford - LB Camden councillor

               Owner: Natalie Bennett, Development   Colours: GREEN
               House, 56-64 Leonard Street           Form: 5462421- C	
               Trainer: John Street, Bromley
               Sponsor: LB Camden

Form: Raced here in 2008 but failed to impress finishing lengths behind the front field.
Returned in 2014 with a win in Camden as a councillor. Win more likely in Listed Stakes. Place
claims only.                                                           Star rating:

               FIFTH MAYORAL AND GLA MEETING 2016 THURSDAY, MAY 5TH                                5
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