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No.	 Candidate	                                     Age	 Draw	 Jockey

5	 PETER WHITTLE (364)	                             55	 (11)	 Working Hard for Londoners

           Gr M University of Kent - UKIP Culture Spokesperson

           Owner: Nigel Farage,                     Colours: YELLOW
           Lexdrum House, Newton Abbot, Devon       & PURPLE
           Trainer: Peter Lello, New Cross          (Quartered),
           Sponsor: RB Greenwich                    YELLOW sleeves
                                                    Form: 3-	

Form: Came up short in only race to date, finishing third in Eltham in the 2015 General
Election. Main campaign on immigration. UKIP’s stable more focused on Brexit than Mayoral
contest.                                                                     Star rating:

6	 GEORGE GALLOWAY (364)	                           61	 (3)	 A London for All

           Gr M Big Brother - Former MP for Bethnal Green and Bow

           Owner: George Galloway,                  Colours:
           2 Grattan Road, Bradford                 RED, WHITE
           Trainer: George Galloway,                sleeves, BLUE
           Ladbroke Grove                           cap
           Sponsor: Bethnal Green                   Form: 1111112-	

Form: Shown capable form over long career. Tracks heavily to the left. A surprise winner at
Bradford West by-election in 2012, but after a heavy fall in 2015 General Election unlikely to be
back to best.                                                                Star rating:

7	 PRINCE ZYLINSKI	                                 64	 (12)	

           Gr M Polish Prince - Property Developer

           Owner: Prince Zylinski, The White        Colours:
           House, 46 Park View Road                 WHITE (Hoops),
           Trainer: John Zylinski, Ealing           LIGHT GREEN
           Sponsor: The White House, Ealing         sleeves, PURPLE
           (not Washington)                         cap

Form: A property millionaire sired by a Polish war hero, campaigning as an independent to
“change the image” of Poles in London. Caused previous upset to the UKIP stable in a 2015
challenge against Nigel Farage. Inexperienced, apolitical and a long shot. 
                                                                              Star rating:

8	 PAUL GOLDING (714)	                              34	 (4)	 Putting British People First!

           Br M Former National Front Member
           - Former Sevenoaks councillor for BNP

           Owner: Paul Golding,                     Colours:
           Beeches Close, London                    RED & WHITE
           Trainer: Jayda Fransen, Penge            (Diamonds), BLUE
           Sponsor: LB Bromley                      sleeves & cap
                                                    Form: 1245-

Form: Previously trained by BNP now Britain First, tracks to the far right. Raised on London
council estate, concerned with mass immigration but unlikely to gain popular support following
negative campaign.	                                                          Star rating:

9	 DAVID FURNESS (1603)		                           (2)	 Keep London British

           Br M Masters Computer Science - Member Church of England

           Owner: Adam Walker,                      Colours:
           Wigton, Cumbria                          RED, WHITE
           Trainer: Michael Jones, Kent             sleeves, BLUE cap
           Sponsor: Northolt                        Form: 5-

Form: BNP stable finished last place in 2012. Seeking to halt all immigration, oppose Heathrow
third runway and Crossrail 2 station at Kings Road while protecting social housing and British
jobs for British workers. Off the pace. 
                                                                              Star rating:

10	 LEE HARRIS (SA) 	                               79	 (6)	 Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

           Gr M Head shop owner - Cannabis Magazine Publisher

           Owner: Paul Birch,                       Colours:
           Old Street, London                       RED, GREY cap
           Trainer: Anthony Auguste,
           Ladbroke Grove
           Sponsor: Portobello Road

Form: Making late career debut, a mellow campaigner. Community focused activist likely to be
towards the rear of the field. Favours turf. The Stewards note possible doping allegations.

 Star rating:

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