23 April 2018

From the Field: LB Redbridge – LABOUR

Current political make up:

  • 36 Labour
  • 24 Conservatives
  • 3 Liberal Democrats

Wards to watch:

  • Hainault
  • Bridge
  • Churchfields

In normal times the once safe Conservative borough of Redbridge would be a key target for the party to win back, however the political wind hasn’t changed direction. Instead the Tories are focusing their time and energy to keep hold of the council seats they still have.

Unlike the rest of the capital there will be some local boundary changes within the borough that make it slightly easier for the Tories to retain a strong opposition. Like many first term Labour councils, their campaign is focused on retaining the marginal wards such as Hainault rather than going all out to capture the new wards of South Woodford and Churchfields.

Expect Labour to increase its percentage of the vote in the south and the popularity of local MP Wes Streeting to help Labour in the north, although this is unlikely to transcend into significant gains. As Momentum failed to make any real inroads in candidate selection, the Labour Group will remain pragmatic therefore expect the redevelopment of Ilford Town Centre to carry on at pace and an emboldened Labour Leadership will look to deliver its housing targets across the borough.

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